Senior Weekdays

The best entertainment value of your week
$6 tickets every Weekday for shows starting before 6pm.

Attn: Seniors!  This is your chance to rob us blind.  Only $6 for a movie ticket for films that start before 6pm on Wednesday  Weekday Afternoons* - can you believe that? $6. Monday through Friday before 6pm. Believe it.  Also, remember to take advantage our our Senior Concessions Combo (Small Popcorn & Fountain Drink for $5) -- available ANY TIME!



Select Movie


Purchase Senior Tickets.


Show your Senior ID at the door.

*Dicounted tickets not available for Specical Engagements - These films have an "SP" symbol listed following the title on Laemmle.com.


Seniors must be 62 or older with valid ID.  Note that there is a $3 per ticket for films presented in 3D... Senior Weekday tickets at the Ahrya Fine Arts are $9 for films projected in 3D.